Water Project – Erickson & Spence

As a result of downsizing, Deputy Supervisor Karen Erickson and Councilman Mike Spence no longer had seats on the Evans Town Board.

Paul Cooper gave credit to Robert Catalino II & Karen Erickson for getting the water project off the ground.

It was a Karen Erickson resolution with a second by Mike Spence that got the ball rolling for the turnover of the water department to the Eric County Water Authority.

Votes got it right when they overwhelmingly voted to eliminate two seats on the town board.

The actions of a five member board resulted, when it’s all said and done, to four to five decades of huge debt payments for water and roads.

Why return to a five member board when the salaries and benefits of the two additional board member could be used to pay down the debt?

Water project mismanagement by a five member board resulted in minimum water bills increasing from $29.70 to $82.83!

Cooper Praises Erickson For Water Project


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