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In a town board /  town manager form of government, the town manager essentially is the CEO and is responsible for financial and employee matters. [ Read WIKI Description ] The town board is freed to address the concerns of residents.

A town manager would be professional that is held to the highest ethical standards.

Ever wonder why a town the size of Evans does not have an ethics board?

If the current town board really believes that Evans residents need more representation, why not consider a town board / town manager form of government? This would allow the supervisor and councilpeople to spend 100% of their work day working on resident issues.

But on the other hand, adding two members to the current town board would create jobs (salary and full time benefits for part-time positions) for two political cronies that are “always” “given” endorsements by the party bosses.

If increasing the Evans Town Board to 5 members is really about representation, ask the pro upsizing folks about this option!


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