There is a reason the upsizing yes folks did not sign their names to their ads and post cards, they don’t want you to know who is responsible for not telling the whole truth!

  1. Counter Point #1: Under the last 10 years of a five member board, there were few “NO” votes! That’s not representation!
  2. Counter Point #2: The water project, under a five member board, was started by Robbie Catalino and Karen Erickson.
  3. Counter Point #3: Under a five member board, the “supervised” building department selectively enforced town code. See supervised building department below.
  4. Counter Point #4: A five member board was not only responsible for poor water project accounting practices as cited in state comptroller’s report, but millions of dollars in reserve funds “disappeared”.
  5. Counter Point #5: The financial stress was created by a five member board and being addressed by the current three member board.
  6. Counter Point #6: To add two councilpeople to the town’s payroll will cost $15,300 (salary) plus $24,000 (benefits) times two for a total of $76,600!! Can fix a lot of roads with $76,600!!!
  7. Counter Point #7: Given over 25% increases in taxes and fees (water), a control board is not necessarily a bad thing!!!


How can any Evans resident vote to return to a five member board? A five member board created the financial mess the town now finds itself in. The upsizing yes folks won’t even sign a real name to their misleading ads!

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This Problem Occurred Under A Five Member Board!!!


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