We The GovernmentThe Upsize Yes folks would argue that “representation” is a function of quantity.

The Upsize No folks would argue that “representation” is a function of quality.

Evans has a recent history of councilpeople that show up for Wednesday meetings and on payday. Under NYS law, councilpeople do not have to show up for work. However, their pension credit is based on actual hours worked. 

“Representation” would be councilpeople posting their work schedule of hours they’ll be in the councilman’s office so residents know when they are available to “represent” them. There are no evening hours, not even once a month, when residents that work would be able to meet with their elected councilpeople.

Adding two councilpeople that don’t spend any time “on the job” is just spending taxpayer’s money that is better not spent or better spent on needed services, fixing roads, senior/youth recreation, etc.

Adding two councilpeople to create the illusion of “representation” is wasteful spending.

When all seats on the Evans Town Board were two year terms, elected officials were held “accountable” to the voters. 


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