Bob Doering

“I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” – Bob Doering (From the Movie Network)

2004 – 2005 Association of Towns Convention

Via an elected official in another town, it came to light that Evans officials were having parties at taxpayers expense at the Association of Towns Convention. 

Spearheaded by retired Army Major Bob Doering, (two purple hearts) who also served as an ethics officer at the U.S. Treasury, the “Freeholders” took the Town to State Supreme Court armed with a significant number of documents obtained under the Freedom of Law.

The judge, we feel, dismissed the case improperly base of the Statute of Limitations. The case was headed to appeal until Bob Doering passed away suddenly.

Shortly thereafter, State Supreme Court Justice Michalek resigned after admitting to receiving bribe. [ Click Here

State Supreme Court Justice Michalek resigns

State Supreme Court Justice Michalek Resigns After Admitting To Receiving Bribe (Click Here)

Below are just a few of the documents the judge declined to consider.

Supervisor Catalino took a “friend” to the 2005 convention they reimbursed her for hotel expense! Why didn’t a five man board approve her going to convention then vote to pay her with Evans Taxpayers money?

Association Of Towns Registration 2005

Association Of Towns Registration 2005

Karen Martin Check

Supervisor Catalino II Reimbursed “A Friend” For Hotel Room At The 2005 Association of Towns Convention In NYC!


The Take Home Cheesecake became the symbol of “Waste, Fraud & Abuse”

Bob Doering’s other catch phrase was “Waste, Fraud & Abuse”. An unidentified board member purchased a cheesecake then submitted the receipt for reimbursement by Evans Taxpayers. The cheesecake became he symbol of the “Waste, Fraud & Abuse”.

While serving as Deputy Supervisor, Karen Erickson extended her stay in NYC by one additional day then submitted the additional charge for her hotel room to be reimbursed by Evans Taxpayers. The “oversight” was corrected after Doering’s review of receipts and the Town received a check to repay taxpayers for the additional one day hotel charge.

An unanswered question is why does the Sheraton statement show that the Town of Evans was billed for the room then the Deputy Supervisor reimbursed? These documents were given to the State Comptroller but no comment or reply was received.

Erickson Convention Hotel Voucher




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